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Ballarat Bits, Bytes and Bevvies
Ballarat Bits, Bytes and Bevvies is a monthly meetup for people interested in discussing all sorts of tech related topics in an informal setting. Some initial topics we plan to cover are: • Data Science and Artificial Intelligence • Hardware and Internet of Things • Startups and startup culture • Web/Mobile design and development • Crypto-currencies and Blockchains • Co-working, Incubators and Accelerators We'll be adding and subtracting from that list as time goes on based on feedback. We're also keen to hear from the local community regarding any cool startups or tech you are using and the floor will be available for you to give your own talks or announcements or even pitch your own startup ideas. We'll aim to send out an agenda 2 weeks ahead of each meetup so that you'll have plenty of time to decide on attending and to see if you have content you'd like to present. We have aligned our Jelly Co-working Meetup (free co-working day) with these meetups so that you can if you like make a full day or it. When possible we'll be providing some food and drinks and we are definitely open to sponsorship to help cover these costs, please contact the organisers if this is something you or your employer is interested in.

Runway Ballarat

124 Albert Street The Workshop, Flecknoe Building, · Ballarat

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