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Black + Techie = Us. We're HYPED to host Baltimore's first Black coding meet up! Join us every Thursday at Impact Hub Baltimore (10 E North Ave) to learn and code with others. Whether you're an experienced coder or ready to take your first course, we invite you to join us.

We have four recurring events: project nights, study group, speaker nights and social nights. See the individual events for more details.

We are focused on encouraging and improving representation in tech. Therefore this is an inclusive space. All are welcome. Please respect our goals and mission, and have fun!

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Black Techies Networking & Social Night!

Ida B's Table

Socializing, networking & getting to know your peers is always part of the successful professional development process! Moreover, this can be fun and fairly relaxed in its format. On theses nights whenever possible, we aim to change up the scene and offer either an ‘inside’ or ‘outside’ social format. For outside Social nights, we’ll venture out together as a whole to a casual venue within the neighborhood for food and drinks and just no-pressure enjoyment. Tip: if you’ve ever been meaning to get business cards for yourself, do so by these nights as this is a great time to pass these out to new people with whom you connect. You never know just whom you may come across both within or apart from our group. With that said, please keep in mind that while outside social nights are meant to be very relaxed and casual; we’re all representing Baltimore Black Techs (each other) as well as our individual selves and will keep all interactions with everyone in good taste. On Inside nights, We encourage you to bring your gaming laptops, board & table games, nerdy passions, side hobbies, board games etc. We’ll aim to provide group games, drinks, pizza and other snacks!

Bmore Black Techies Speaker / Presenter Night

Impact Hub Baltimore

On speaker & presenter night, we will feature either guest speakers or our very own members who want to present on a particular topic as a host. Presentations may consist solely of just pure instruction/dictation but can also involve hands-on activity to engage the group as a whole as well. They should last anywhere from a minimum of fifteen minutes to a maximum of the duration of our entire group session and are relevant to the tech industry. If you would like to host a session on a topic of your choice or invite a guest speaker for a talk please plan accordingly by getting in touch with the organizers ahead of scheduled nights to be added to this roster. Topics include but are not necessarily limited to: - Specific instructional topics in programming, software, or hardware. - Careers & opportunities. - Specific organizations, their mission(s) & structure. - Relevant social issues. - Building a business or startup. - New ideas - Personal experiences & motivational advice related to careers in the tech industry.

CANCELED 07/04/2019

Needs a location

BBT will not meet for Project Night on Thursday July 4, 2019 in observance of the federal holiday.

Black Techies Study Group!

Impact Hub Baltimore

We will be doing an extensive Web Development Fundamentals course reinforced with projects that you can add to your portfolio along the way. What you need: A laptop Have google chrome installed Have VSC code installed Have Slack account Note: We can walk you through these steps if you're having difficulty. Please see links below: https://www.google.com/chrome/ https://code.visualstudio.com/download https://join.slack.com/t/bmoreblacktechies/shared_invite/enQtNDIyMzk1ODM2ODY1LWQxODI2MThhMmYyOTgzMzkwM2FiYzk0Y2FmMTMxMzM5ODkyOTg4YWM0NmY4MTY3ZDY1M2VjMjZhMzdhMWVlZmI No prior coding experience required, come with an open-mind and willingness to learn. Instructors: @Doug @Aaron Brooks @Ryan White This wee's meetup will be combined with our regular Project night. On project nights we’ll dive head first into the projects with which we’re directly involved &/or most interested. If you’re still brand new to coding & project development and unsure how to directly contribute to an active project, that’s perfectly fine. Participate as an observer and take notes; by doing so you will only learn & grow! Project leads & more seasoned developers in our group are encouraged to help our beginners learn, feel engaged and get their toes wet in whatever aspects of projects they feel most comfortable. More than one project workshops may be going on at once during these nights and ideas for new projects are always welcome. Some of our projects in the works and those already suggested are not limited to but also include: • Web design & Front-end development • Chatbots • Raspberry Pi configuration • Arduino configuration • Google APIs in practice • Hardware & Robotics • What to bring Brains + Computer • Important to know If it's your first time attending, please go through this onboarding document to get all the necessary tools set up: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JujPe0QZ8ag9k75vNo1eAEZqVrf3yFPAWMcMHWfmlak/edit?usp=sharing Hope to see you!

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