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Breathwork Soundbath
Please bring a yoga mat and blanket. Call if lost[masked]. $20 cash Breathwork helps you to heal trauma and depression. It's a wild ride and the crystal soundbowls are vibrational dessert.

Les Harris' Amaranthine Museum

2010 Clipper Park Road · Baltimore, MD

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    Breathwork is a powerful, active meditation technique for self-healing. This particular breathing pattern moves stuck energy, allows us to let go of the mind, and opens the heart. This is a powerful tool for processing unresolved pain and healing trauma. Most people leave sessions feeling lighter, clearer, and more connected to their heart and soul.

    This is not like meditation you've done before. You lie flat and actively breathe with your mouth while listening to music that may even include pop and rock. You'll be taking in a lot of oxygen and may experience some euphoria afterwards like a runner's high. The the music will slow down and I'll play a few crystal soundbowls while you bathe and soak in the vibrational energy. Other, times instead of soundbowls I will play some inspiration music after breathing.

    Unlike more commonly known mindfulness breathwork techniques—Transformative breathwork elevates the sympathetic nervous system. The more a person works with the breath, the more their energy will open bringing life force into the body with increased energy flow. At a Baltimore Breathwork session you will use the breath as a tool to support your own emotional healing or relaxation in a supportive environment. Some clients come to a group "drop and breathe" session with an intention to dig deep and move stuck energy while others drop-in to unwind after a difficult day. Those with a regular practice report that they are less fatigued, less stressed out and more capable of connecting with their higher self. This method of Breathwork is powerful— it can bring up and stir emotions that, hidden under the rug, can be preventing you from reaching your goals.

    The formula is a 3-step process of pranayama breathing that lasts for about 30 minutes while listening to an eclectic soundtrack which includes pop and rock tunes. You will be directed to breathe through your mouth while I support your experience with essential oils applied to your chakras. The first breath is deep into your belly where most of your energy is stuck. Without exhaling you inhale a second time high up into the chest. This brings the energy from the low belly up through the heart to the top of the lungs. You then exhale through the mouth and continue a steady rhythm. During your breathing you will lie flat on a yoga mat covered, if desired, by a blanket. Don’t be surprised when I ask you to let out a scream or some laughter to raise the intensity mid-way through your experience. My intention is that you leave the session lighter and empowered.

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