Movement Vocabulary and Combinations

Movement vocabulary is the individual building blocks of dance technique, choreography and artistic expression. Without this very foundation, it is just random movements strung together. This workshop is a must for all belly dance teachers; yet many are lacking in this basic knowledge of cultural dance vocabulary of muscle engagement and movement dynamics. Not anymore. Teachers have an opportunity to advanced their own skills while helping their students blossom with beautiful, safe and logical skill progression.

Belly dance teachers and aspiring teachers will be introduced to the movement vocabulary and teaching methodology of Katayoun's dance format. This format is the foundation of teaching the ShimmyFit program and soon-to-launch
Raqs Mosaique program.
Participants will learn how to breakdown movements and create combinations for different rhythms and dance styles.

Using the basic building blocks of core-driven isolations, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the anatomy of belly dance movements, steps and transitions. You will learn Katayoun's method of skill building and creating dynamic combinations for beginners to advanced dancers.

The format was first created as a model for teaching belly dance fitness classes. It has since developed into a dynamic multilevel fitness and recreational program, designed as a steady-paced and structured class experience that preserves the integrity and complexity of the art form.

Drawing from the folkloric origins of belly dance, the format is designed to teach students dance technique & artistry with a focus on musical and cultural understanding.

You will be able to use the content in this teacher workshop immediately in your classes to create fun drills and dynamic skill-building routines. A portion of the workshop may be dedicated to Q & A and discussion as needed/requested by the participants.
The fee for the workshop is $40. To register email me at or Join the Facebook Invite for registration info:

An innovative and dedicated instructor, Katayoun has consistently taught weekly classes to hundreds of students of all ages and backgrounds in Northern Virginia since 2001, accumulating over 8,000 instructional hours in the classroom and the dance studio. She has continued her own education with over 350 hours of advanced and specialized training in Middle Eastern dance and music with acclaimed instructors.
In addition, she has created mentoring and teacher-training programs to promote breadth of knowledge and teaching standards within the Middle Eastern Dance community. In 2010, she was one of 25 dancers selected from around the world to participate in Project Belly Dance, the search for America's Top Belly Dancer, a competition and reality show. Learn more:

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