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This group is for folks interested in climbing in the MD (+DC/VA) area, both gyms and outdoors. We're all about trading belays with other folks just looking to climb.

Now for the 'new new' post-Covid-shutdown viewpoint. As of when I write this (June 2020), here's the situation:

(1) General indoor meetups are off the calendar. As with any group gathering, the risk is greater than the reward. But climbing continues-- keep reading!

(2) People are fortunately climbing outdoors in 'known groups', i.e. people they would otherwise interact with.

(3) The Earthtreks gyms are re-opening (reservation-only, members-only) starting June 29. Time to find a regular belay buddy (again, keep your interaction circles small.)

(4) Organizers are welcome to list outdoor events. For indoor, individuals wanting a semi-permanent climbing buddy are welcome to use the via the forums/email list.

So keep your 'friends bubble' small and commit and climb! Feel free to use this group's forums/list to assist. If you're a new climber, or you have an idea for pair or small-group climbing, feel free to contact me off-list to discuss how to make things happen.

We now return you to our usual meetup group description, already in progress... Experts and newcomers both welcome, we're easy to find and easy to join-- any skill level, from novice to '5.12d lead, blindfolded'. Show up and we pair you up with other climbers so you can crunch in a few climbs and maybe get to know some folks in the area as well! Once summer comes, you can also explore outdoor climbing with us. Don't worry-- we're shy too (until you get to know us!)

There are a couple local places to try when the weather is decent and four indoor gyms. EarthTreks Columbia/Timonium/Rockville/Crystal City are the primary local gyms we will be using. When the weather is decent there will be outdoor climbing events with camping nearby. There are nearby places like Carderock & Great Falls, Rocks State Park, Shaffer Rock, and SugarLoaf. We also host the occasional non-climbing activity, because once you trust someone with your life with their hand on a rope, it's all fair game!

We often get asked "I've never climbed, what should I do?" One of the best things is just sign up and join us on a Meetup event at an EarthTreks gym. It's a $22 gym fee and $11 gear rental, and we are easy to find and will cheerfully set up a trio so you can climb and learn about climbing. EarthTreks also offer their own 'Open Climb' at all times where they pair you up with an instructor and, for $25 (inclusive) you get 3 climbs. Heck, do both. I also recommend their Intro Courses. Anyway-- try climbing in a gym for a day, and once you're addicted, climb more, then climb outside, then climb 3 days a week, then go on a week-long expedition to climb something no one has ever climbed before, then come back and climb again. It's a cycle of life-- or, if you're a slacker like this group's organizer, a weekly hobby. It's all good.

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