Learn to Code with Go


About this Workshop
This workshop is held by volunteers of GoBridge (http://gobridge.org), an organization dedicated to providing learning opportunities to those that are traditionally underrepresented in the tech industry.

These workshops are free for students that attend them. Space is limited--only register if you are certain you can attend.

New to coding?
This workshop is designed to introduce you to programming as a beginner. You need no programming experience, just a desire to learn. That said, it will be advantageous if you have done some exercises on sites like codecademy.com or freecodecamp.org.

Have coded before?
If you have done some programming in the past and are looking to learn a new programming language, this course will also be valuable to you. We will call out similarities and differences for you as we go through the curriculum to help you build on your existing knowledge.

Target Audience
This workshop is targeted at traditionally-underrepresented groups in the tech industry, mainly women, people of color, and LGBTQ+ individuals.

If you do not fit the target audience but know a friend or acquaintance who does, get them to sign up and attend this workshop and that will also allow you to participate, win-win! Please note that the organizers of this event reserve the right to unregister you if you do not meet the audience criteria. When you sign up, please indicate who you're bringing with you that do fit the criteria.

About Go
Go (Golang) is fun and very approachable as a first programming language and for those looking to transition to using it from other languages like C, Java, Ruby, Python, and others.

The teacher(s) and TA(s) will not assume prior knowledge and will focus on making sure you grasp how to take advantage of what Go has to offer.

What you will learn
We'll take our time to make sure you understand the fundamental concepts of programming, including:

- Working with variables and constants
- Working with lists and looping
- Working with conditions
- Using functions for reusing functionality
- Using complex types to represent concepts out in the real world
and so much more

Our goal will be for you to have a solid foundation that you can use regardless of the programming language you explore next.

Venue & Parking
The workshop will be hosted at SmartLogic. There are paid parking lots near the location.

Food and Drinks
Some light breakfast will be provided (coffee, donuts and the like).
Lunch will be catered and include some vegetarian options.
Afternoon snacks to keep us going will also be provided (coffee, cookies and the like).

For Students
All students need to bring their own laptop and power cable. There is free Wi-Fi in the workspace.

You will not need to install anything on your laptop as we will do the vast majority of the exercises online through a browser. That said, if you want to use the same tool that Go developers use, you can install Go by heading over to https://golang.org/dl. We will have TA's on hand to help install Go should you need/want to as well.

For Volunteers
Thank you for thinking of volunteering to TA this workshop.

DO NOT RSVP to the event if you want to volunteer. Contact the organizer ([masked]).

If you're already familiar with Go, that's all you'll need in order to be prepared to help. We'll be covering the basics of the language so there's nothing complicated to prepare for beforehand.

We're grateful to have SmartLogic (http://smartlogic.io) provide the workshop space.