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Sunday Funday: DND Once upon a Time!
Hi everyone! Mavonte here! This Sunday starting at 1 pm we will have a DND session open to all members of the node and associates!!! Please rsvp if you would like to attend for we would only have space for a total of five players total or have any questions about playing! If you do not know how to play, I am very beginner friendly. Onto the specifics of this upcoming game! This will be a very simple one shot so no experience is involved The idea here is that you are in an adventurer's guild, and you get called for missions around this town, get paid, rinse repeat. On this one shot you will be approached by a man who would rather not be named, and he will be asking a huge favor of you to complete by sundown, or he assures you there will be worse things the adventuring guild may have to deal with. The session will start at the debriefing of his mission, and will end upon your completion of the mission... or failure of it. Combat will be sped up, so if you are unable to quickly tell me what you would like to do in that regards, please pay attention to how much time you take during your "turn" during the session. This should last 3 hours at most. IF that. If more time is needed to complete the mission, then it will be at the discretion of players and DM. Please bring a character sheet completely filled out with 27 point buy. you may have a character that up to level 3. You can also make them fully without care to the rest of the party's make up, since you all are essentially mercenaries that have agreed to be "on a team" for this mission. I recommend using myth weavers ( or some other character generation (android: or for apple: ). This will be played mostly in theatre of the mind so all you would really need to really bring is a character sheet and dice! oh. and free food.

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The Baltimore Node is a member-run space where people can hack, craft, and make interesting things in a supportive and collaborative environment. The Node follows the Hackerspace model that is flourishing in cities around the world, including New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Berlin, Sydney, and many more. Members receive 24/7 access to the space, which is stocked with shared and donated tools and equipment. In addition to the informal exchange of wisdom and experience that comes from simply working in a shared space, the Node sponsors regular workshops and events on a broad range of topics.

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