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BSFS is dedicated to promoting sci-fi and fantasy in all its forms. We have our own building at 3310 East Baltimore Street. We have many events each month, and when an event is scheduled, the building is open to everyone, whether you are a BSFS member or not. Both new people and regulars are encouraged to come to events.




Upcoming events (4+)

Alphabet Soup at BSFS - Boardgaming

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Alphabet Soup - GCOM at BSFS returns! Thursday Night Boardgaming at BSFS. Starting at 6:30 PM and going to at least 10:30 PM. Come on down for a night of in-person Boardgaming which repeats the first Thursday of every month. We have a game library, or bring your favorite. For info email matthewsands at bsfs dot org

Balticon Planning Meeting

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In person and virtual Planning Meeting from 7:00 to 8:30 pm, for Balticon, the regional Science Fiction convention that we plan and hold each year on Memorial Day weekend. Mostly for Division Heads and Staff, but open to the public. Check www.bsfs.org for details about how to join by Zoom or drop by in-person.

If you have some ideas for Balticon that you want to discuss, in person, before or after the meeting may be the time to do it, or virtually, get some contact info after the meeting to continue the conversation.

BSFS Business Meeting

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Baltimore Science Fiction Society Business Meeting.

Learn about ongoing projects and share ideas. Watch Robert's Rules of order executed in the unique BSFS style. Check www.bsfs.org for Zoom login details to attend or drop by in person!

Everyone is welcome to come and visit! We start up after the Balticon Meeting is finished, usually about 8:30. Usually people hang out after the meeting, some may play board games, others may just chat. No need to RSVP, feel free to just stop by.

Writing Circle (Teleconference only)

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This session will by Zoom. Check www.bsfs.org for how to connect to zoom for this event.

The Speculative Fiction Critique Circle meets every 2nd and 4th Thursday at 6:30 p.m. at BSFS HQ. We sit in a circle and people who have brought pieces for critique take turns reading their work aloud. We quietly mark the paper with any suggestions we have as they're reading. Then afterwards we spend time discussing language, plot, characters, pacing, all that good stuff.

If you're going to present, bring 6 to 8 copies of a piece up to 2,500 words. For those with longer works, serialization is common.

We're a friendly, but very focused group of writers who go in-depth to critique the works we bring in. We never get personal, but we will provide deep, honest feedback. We've had many stories workshopped here published professionally, and our goal is to keep that happening by making stories as strong and sharp as they can be.

Of course, anyone who just wants to sit in, not present, and talk writing with us, is more than welcome to come by and do just that. For more information contact BSFSEvents at BSFS dot org

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Table Top RPG Meet up

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