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We host meetings every 4-8 weeks that have a 30-45 minute educational segment on a technology topic and then an hour+ of breakout sessions where Technology volunteers work with nonprofits on any current technology questions, issues, strategy, etc. around websites, databases (organizing, filtering, reporting on data), infrastructure/tech support, software questions, social media, information security, etc.

5 primary ways nonprofits can benefit from Techies for Good volunteers:

1. Overall technology audit/health assessment

2. Fixing small issues/bugs (EX. functionality on your website might be broken and need to be fixed/troubleshot)

3. Website additions/enhancements - small additions, like integrating PayPal or social media or adding a webpage/content, that could be accomplished in under an hour!

4. Education - Learning how to do certain things, like maintain website, utilize social media, etc.

5. New website or website overhaul/redesign - we only do this once a year, during our web development days, and nonprofits selected for these days have to have attended at least 2 Techies for Good meetings to be eligible

***To benefit from Techies for Good, you have to attend our MeetUp events/meetings!***

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Welcome and we look forward to seeing you at a future event/MeetUp!

Techies for Good Team

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Scammers and Scams – How to Protect Your Organization

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Join us for an educational session present by a Security Advocate at KnowBe4, one of the top cyber security education companies in the world.

Session Overview:
Scammers have moved to the digital world, allowing them to work their scams in ways never previously believed, while potentially having hundreds of victims spread across the globe. These bad actors are extremely talented and they target organizations and individuals with equal interest and without care for their mission or the people they serve.

Why do people fall for scams when some seem so obvious? Are these cybercriminals really as organized as we are told? What are some of the most common scams out there? These questions and more will be answered in this webinar that focuses on the scams, the psychology behind them, and how to protect ourselves and our organizations against them.

You will learn:
• How cybercriminals make scams so successful
• What small organizations need to watch for
• How to protect yourself and the organization

Webinar: Introduction to HubSpot for Nonprofits!

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We're thrilled to be doing a series of meetings/events with the HubSpot community support team this year! Join us for this session, where you'll get:
1. an overview of what HubSpot offers
2. recommended features and workflows nonprofits should consider
3. how to get started with HubSpot for nonprofits
4. key resources

Learn more about HubSpot for nonprofits via https://www.hubspot.com/nonprofits

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Techies for Good 2023 Kickoff

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