Webinar - Digital Accessibility: The What, Who, Why, When and How

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Session Overview: Technology has changed the way people interact with the world around them. In many ways, the technology boom has enabled people to do more than they ever thought possible. People are more in touch, able to connect faster and be more productive than ever before.

This is the case for many people, but what about the people who don't experience technology as a convenient default? What about those whose experiences are limited due to the inaccessibility of the very technologies that could enable them to experience life in a whole new way?

Digital Accessibility is about the inclusion of our diverse population. Join Tracey on the journey to learn more about what Digital Accessibility is, who is impacted, why it is important, when to consider it and how to get started on your Digital Accessibility journey.

About the speaker: Tracey Long is an IT Professional from Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) with a diverse background ranging from customer service to program management. After being tasked with helping a person who is blind in her latest role, Tracey has made it her mission to learn as much as possible about digital accessibility and educate all she comes in contact with to make the digital world a more inclusive forum for all people regardless of their abilities. She leads the global accessibility compliance program for a top technology firm.