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Hannukah Latke Party
First night of Hanukah is means it's time for latkes! Let's have latkes and celebrate. Also part of Hanukah traditions is to play the dreidel... But we can modify that to include other board or card games. Bring your favorite games or be subjected to be stuck with the random selection I have. I will make latkes to share. Bring you favorite latke toppings or other holiday treats. You can even bring your own latkes to compare recipes. This is at my new condo, I will send the address to those who RSVP yes by Friday Nov. 30. There are visitor parking sections in the lot so please be sure to park in those designated spots or they may ticket and tow your car. My name is listed on a call box at the door to use in order to be let in to the building, info will be given in the email as well. Use the comment section to say if you want to bring other holiday treats or drinks/snacks. Feel free to bring your hanukiyah (menorah) and candles to light. Hope to see you soon! Happy Hanukah!

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