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November 2018 Meeting - Raspbian verses Windows 10 IoT Core
IoT development comparison of Raspbian to Windows 10 Core operating systems and their development tools We will compare two operating systems for the Raspberry Pi hardware. Raspbian which is a Linux variant and Windows 10 Core which Microsoft’s offering for IoT. We will investigate the installation, boot, UI and remote connectivity. There are different development tools available for the Raspberry Pi two operating systems. This includes the Visual Studio and VS Code integrated development environments (IDE). The .NET framework and other GPIO (General Purpose I/O) libraries will be utilized. A magnetometer, DAC (Digital to Analog) converter and accelerometer will be demonstrated. The code to drive these devices will be shown written in C#, C++ & Python programming languages. Speaker Bio: Clarke Bowers is a software engineer with 35 years of experience. He has architected and developed embedded systems, desktop applications, enterprise data warehouses, web sites and web services; cloud bases and locally hosted solutions. He hold six patents and runs his own consulting business, details can be found here: The first computer he programmed was designed by Dr. Wang. It required hand punching cards and the accumulator was displayed on Nixie tubes (which are currently popular, again).

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