November 2019 Meeting - Blazor, Electron and Power Apps

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This month we will have a "double header" meeting with one presentation on Blazor and Electron by Jim Buck and a second presentation on PowerApps from Randy Hayes.

Abstract 1 - Blazor is the latest web framework from the ASP.NET team that allows web apps to built using 100% .NET technologies. Electron is a platform for building desktop apps using Node.js and Chromium. What happens when you put them together? The opportunity to build for the web and desktop using shared components and services. This talk will cover the basics for both technologies, how to use them together, and plenty of demos!

Speaker 1 - Jim Buck, PM at RDA Corporation

Bio: Jim Buck is a Project Manager for RDA Corporation with 7 years experience completing more than 18 projects. He specializes in Azure, ASP.NET and client-side development, with a strong background in open source Node.js. When he's not busy keeping up with the latest tech, Jim loves all things TypeScript and contributing to open source projects.

Abstract 2 - PowerApps is a Platform as a Service from Microsoft that allows you to create business apps for almost every device with no code and no infrastructure needed beyond what you might already have today with your Office 365 or Dynamics 365 plans. PowerApps lets you tackle productivity bottlenecks and business “noise” that traditionally would have cost you an arm and a leg to develop. PowerApps provides hundreds of connectors to almost all mainstream services to bring all your information together in one app.

In this presentation we’ll cover the basics of what PowerApps is and isn’t and we discover how you can take a common business scenario to the next level with very little effort.

Speaker 2 - Randy Hayes, Expert Network Solutions

Bio: Randy Hayes is the president of Expert Network Solutions that specializes in helping small businesses be anything but small. He is focused on PowerApps, Flow, the Office 365 and Dynamics 365 platforms and Azure services as tools that enrich the reward of technology for small business – at small business prices. His background spans from the early days of computing and electronics to the technology of today and tomorrow.