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Come participate in the evolution of Love!

"We are living in a world of Outrageous Pain. The only response to Outrageous Pain is Outrageous Love."

"Love is not an emotion. Love is a perception."

"You are a unique expression of the Love that animates all things, that lives in, as, and through you."

"The same love that moves you to make contact and connect with others is the love that moves the sun and the other stars. When you awaken to a lived experience of this knowing you begin to be able to access Outrageous Love as the core aliveness and motive power of your life." (Marc Gafni)

...this group was started in order to practice the teachings of Dr. Marc Gafni. In today's world where the outrageous pain makes us want to close our hearts, the purpose of this group is to practice falling in love each other. To love our way to enlightenment. To open our hearts to the Outrageous Love that is always available to us if we develop the skill to attune ourselves to it. What will we do? Well, first, clarify the intention to open as Love. Second, we will practice with each other. We will seed this group with Marc’s principles and practices, and discover together what it would be like to Live as Love.

Consider more of these inspired words from Marc's 30+ years of teaching:
“Outrageous love is the field of love intelligence awakening as you. This field has been known my many names. It has been called the field of holy apples by the kabbalists, the Christ field by mystical Christians, the field beyond good and evil by Sufis and the Zero Point field by leading edge voices in post quantum science. It is the field that mystics have always known and the leading edge of physics is now discovering.”

"Outrageous Love is the eros of all relationship even as it is the very Eros of evolution itself. Personal and impersonal love are one. One love. Evolutionary love. Outrageous love."

Writings on Outrageous Love

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Play in the Field of Outrageous Love together at Melo Melo

The Intention is to collectively practice opening as Outrageous Lovers. We are not talking about ordinary love, "a strategy of the ego to get our needs met", but the Love that animates all things, that "lives in as and through us". We all have access to this Love. It is at once a gift and also something to be attained through practice. This is not a class, but I will provide the framework and guiding discussion questions as a way to access the field of Outrageous Love as it uniquely manifests in as and through us. For this month's discussion, I will introduce the Wheel of Co-Creation 2.0, a combined effort between the late Barbara Marx Hubbard and Dr. Marc Gafni. This map is a graphical representation of their core teachings together. Prior knowledge is not necessary, but you can find an article here: https://medium.com/office-for-the-future/office4thefuture-mission-6af570a2703f Come play in the field of Evolutionary Outrageous Love! -David

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