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Why do we live?
Why are we born?
What is the purpose of of a human life?

Under any circumstances, why does such questions always lingers within our minds?

Let us discover how such questions are explained through the teachings of Buddha and the historical Pure Land Buddhist teachers. From the teachings we can understand deeper towards what determines our fate or destiny in life.

Everyone are welcomed to join our sessions. We have online sessions and also actual Meet-ups.

We are looking forward to see and talk to you in our sessions.

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The Purpose of life in Buddhism

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Why were we born?

Why are we living?

What is the purpose of our life?

What determines a good fate of happiness, or a bad fate of misfortune?

We will have a session to learn how Buddhism answers to these

I'll inform the way to have session on this WhatsApp group, please join
this group if you want to listen to my lecture.
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The Purpose of life in Buddhism

Needs a location

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