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June Bangpypers meetup (talks)

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For past 6 months we had whole day workshop about Python, Django. We want have talks. This month we will be talking about Python 2 & 3 standard library. Talks will be of 30 minutes.

Start time: 3.00 PM

Talks (30 minutes):

- Write better python code - Kracekumar ( )

Programmers who write Python code have used PHP, C, Java, Ruby, JavaScript, C# in past. As result few parts of code resembles unpythonic. The talk will focus how to write clear concise python code. Audience level: Intermediate python experience.

- Magic behind magic methods - Vignesh Sarma ( )

Python has __method__ which are called magic method. The talk introduces what are magic methods, how they are called, how to use, override default behaviour.

Audience level: Intermediate python experience.

If you like to attend morning workshop on Object Oriented Programming python, link is

If you like to give a talk about any of the Python 2, 3 features, tips, please leave comment or ping me [masked].