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- What does "The Journey to the kernel" mean?

Python is a high-level dynamic programming language. As a result, a lot of details are abstracted. On day to day basis, libraries and language take care of memory allocation, garbage collection, cross-platform execution, system calls, etc. In this meetup, let's discuss the internals of the libraries, core Python, memory optimization and internal working, etc.


10:00 - 10:40 - "Generators - Under the hood" by Shaifali Agarwal

10:40 - 11:20 - how the interpreter works from the source code level by Prashanth Raghu

1. Setup eclipse to debug python using gdb. (5 minutes)
2. A brief walk through of the parsing, compilation and symbol table generation. ( 10 minutes ).
3. Evaluator loop / Interpreter of python ( 15 minutes ).
4. Introduction to "Internals of CPython 2.7/3.6" ( 5 minutes ).
5. Q & A ( 5 mins ).

11:20: 11:40 - Break

11:40 - 12:20 - application of meta-programming and meta-classes in example python library/framework by Vishal Yadhav

12:20 - 1:00 - A walk through CPython source tree with emphasis on the key pieces of the code of the interpreter by Rahul Pydimukkala.


1. RSVP opens 7 days before the event.

2. The event is free of cost.

3. Waitlisted participants will receive confirmation notification about a day before the event.

4. If you aren't sure or have other important work to do, please UNRSVP and help others attend.

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