Python DevSprint


Agenda: Dev Sprint

What is Dev Sprint ?

> Dev sprint is a day long activity where participants work on FOSS projects. The task can be to fix a bug, add a new feature, improve test coverage, write documentation. Participants should bring their own laptop.

Who can take part ?

> Anyone who is interested to contribute or maintainer of FOSS project can take part.

List of Projects:

- IT from Himalayas ICT Quizer
Mentor: Akkal Bist (AI Researcher)
Description: Quiz organizer desktop app

- CPython (
Mentor: Prashanth Raghu (
Description: As a part of this dev sprint attendees will learn about the internals of python 3.7 with emphasis on the key aspects of the source code.
1. Compile python source code.
2. Debug python using Eclipse.
3. Visualise python data structures and basic operations on data structures.
4. Python interpreter.
5. Contributing to python source code.

- Pagure
Mentor: Farhaan Bukhsh (Open source contributor and FOSS enthusiast)

- Fedora Badges
Mentor: Sayan Choudhury (Infra Engineer, Redhat)

- Django Related (
Mentor: Arun Ravindran (Django Mentor and Author)

- django-softdelete-it, OpenStack
Mentor: Shaifali (
Description: Add soft-delete functionality to desired models | with undelete support.

- Pyjarsigner (
Mentor: Subho Halder (CTO & Cofounder of Appknox. Working on automating mobile security.)
Description: Pure python implementation to sign JAR or APK files

- Zulip (
Mentor: Puneeth Chaganti
Description: The world’s most productive team chat
"- The [Zulip Contribution Guide]
( is helpful reading,
before the sprint.
- It is recommended that participants setup their [Development
Environment ]
( before
the sprint. "

- Trelby (
Mentor: Anil (Co-Author)
Description: A multi platform screenplay editor

- Mozilla Release Engineering Services (
Mentor: Pooja Gadige
Description: At Mozilla, Release Engineering Team ships Firefox to the world! It develops scalable, open, secure and maintainable infrastructure for application builds and tests, on a diverse set of mobile and desktop platforms. As part of Release Engineering Team, the Release Engineering Services project's goal is to build and maintain a pipeline that converges efforts to develop, test, deploy, maintain and document all projects that Release Engineering Team supports and provides. Python is the lingua franca of Firefox's build, test and Continuous Integration (CI) tooling.

How can I pick up a project ?

> Please go through list of projects and their issues. If the project is interesting enough, pick the project. If you have any doubts in the project, please leave a comment here and clear your doubt. Please go through the issue tracker and pick an issue to work on. If the issue isn't clear ask the questions .


1. RSVP opens 7 days before the event.

2. The event is free of cost.

3. Waitlisted participants will receive confirmation notification about a day before the event.

4. If you aren't sure or have other important work to do, please UNRSVP and help others attend.

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