Python open source dev sprint


2014 has been fanatastic year for BangPypers community. We had beginner, intermediate, advanced workshops and talks. Now it is time to try something new. Yes, contribute to Python open source projects. This is not a place to prototype your start up idea. All the code written in the event should be under open source or FSF license.


- Laptop with Python installed.

- Knowledge of Git/Hg depending on the what the project uses.

- How pull request model works for open source project.

What is it ?

- Come and work on your favourite Python open source project.

- If you have been postponing to open source any of your project, this is good time.

- You can write documentation for the project.

- If you don't have project you can come to venue and team up other people.

I am beginner, can I join ?

Yes. We have mentors who will help you. Though, you should know Python. We *wont* teach you Python. has complete set of instructions how to get started.


List of projects which participants will be working on. We will be updating this frequently

If you like your project to be displayed, drop a comment about Github/Bitbucket url and names of the people.

List of famous Python project and other suggestion


- Baiju:

Baiju is maintainer of Python selenium documentation and various Python libraries.

- Siva:

Siva has been using Django since early days. He has spoken and conducted workshops about Django at various meetups and conference.

- Sayan Chowdhury:

Sayan Chowdhury is contributor to various Mozilla and Fedora Projects.

- Kracekumar:

Kracekumar is contributor to various Python projects.

While RSVPing answer the questions asked, if you are answers are not clear, we will cancel the RSVP. If you have any doubt feel free to post the questions as comments.


10.00 - 10.30 - Introduction

10.30 - 11.00 - Team Formation/Discussion

11.00 - 1.00 - Hacking

1.00 - 1.45 - Lunch

2.00 - 3.30 - Hacking

3.30 - 4.00 - Coffee break

4.00 - 5.00 - Hacking

5.00 - 6.00 - Demo of your work


ApiGee Technologies India Pvt Ltd,2nd Floor,80 Feet Road Industrial Estate.,+No.+17%2F2,+2nd+%26+3rd+Floor,+Off+80+Feet+Road,+Industrial+Estate/@12.926614,77.632447,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x3bae14605f59e2b1:0x29993703780ebf4c


Kracekumar Ramaraju -[masked], [masked]

Siva -[masked]

Note: RSVP will go into waitlist, depending on the answers we will approve the request in a day or two. Don't be panic!