Dev Sprint


After a sucessful dev sprint in December 2014, this month we are conducting another dev sprint. If you are looking to start contributing to a Python project or mentor some people then this is the place you should be. You can also come down and write a python library. This is not a place to prototype your startup idea. All the code written at the event should be in open source or FSF license.


- Laptop with Python installed.

- Knowledge of Git/Hg depending on the what the project uses.

- How pull request model works for open source project.

What is it ?

- Come and work on your favourite Python open source project.

- If you have been postponing to open source any of your project, this is good time.

- You can write documentation for the project.

- If you don't have project you can come to venue and team up other people.

I am beginner, can I join ?

Yes. We have mentors who will help you. Though, you should know Python. We *wont* teach you Python. has complete set of instructions how to get started.


List of projects which participants will be working on. We will be updating this frequently

If you like your project to be displayed, drop a comment about Github/Bitbucket url and names of the people.

List of famous Python project and other suggestion

Selected Projects

- Junction - A system to manage conference, proposals, schedule etc ...


The project uses Python, Django, Git and other web technologies. You should be familiar with it to contribute.

- Waartaa - A modern web based communication service on top IRC.


The project planned to rebuilt with Twisted.

- Fedora-Infra - A lot of projects in fedora infra is built on Python


- Conda - Cross-platform, Python-agnostic binary package manager



If you are a upstream contributor to any Python project and willing to mentor people to start contributing then please comment with the name of the project and URL.

1. Arun Ravindran - Core Django Developer

Arun Ravindran is developer member of the DSF. He will be mentoring Python/Django projects.

2. Ratnadeep Debnath - Waartaa Author, Fedora Contributor

He will be helping with Waartaa and Fedora Infra.

3. Sayan Chowdhury - Fedora Contributor

He will be helping with Waartaa and Fedora Infra.

4. Harsh Gupta - SymPy Contributor

He would be helping with in contributing to Conda.

The list of mentors will be regularly updated.