Dev Sprint


Dev Sprint

BangPypers is conducting Dev Sprint on April 23 from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. We conducted few sprints last year, new comers and veterans attend. Previous sprint participants were first time and continuous contributors.

What is Dev Sprint ?

Dev sprint is a day long activity where participants work on FOSS projects. The task can be to fix a bug, add a new feature, improve test coverage, write documentation. Participants should bring their own laptop.

Who can take part ?

Anyone who is interested to contribute or maintainer of FOSS project can take part.

List of Projects:

- Junction -, Junction is a software to manage proposals, reviews, schedule, feedback during conference.

- Wye -, wye is the platform to help organisations(Colleges/FOSS) connect to experienced tutors which will benefit number of students to learn Python and real time use of Python in different domains.

- Django Facebook Graph - , Leverage Dormant relationships in your website's users and build a Friend graph instantly!

- dgit -, Lightweight "Git Wrapper for Datasets"

- Nidaba - , Nidaba is a data analytics project to use machine learning to study Stack Overflow information.

- django-cookiecutter -

- djangogirls -

- Pagure - ,

- django-contrib-comments -

- SaltStack Manager -

How can I pick up a project ?

Please go through list of projects and their issues. If the project is interesting enough, pick the project. If you have any doubts in the project, please leave a comment here and clear your doubt. Please go through the issue tracker and pick an issue to work on. If the issue isn't clear ask the questions .

Can I work on project on mentioned here ?

Of Course, please feel free to choose the projects, you like to work on. List of mentioned are projects is small sample. We will be glad to have your project in the list.

I am maintainer of a project, how can I contribute ?

Dev sprint is successful due to mentors. Mentors are maintainers of the library or have deep understanding in the domain. Maintainers help participants solve road blocks and empower contribution. If your maintainer of the project or can mentor on a project, please leave a comment with project url.

How can I add my project to the list ?

Mention your project url with short description and mention you will be available on the venue or not ?

Can I work on my pet project ?

Yes, come hang around and work on your pet project.