What we're about

There are endless possibilities for solving problems via Machine learning and Deep Learning

so it's time to make the world a better place with the knowledge we share and have.

Things we do in this group are

1.Machine learning and deep learning Knowledge sharing.
-- Complete Math and Proof for ML and DL algorithms
-- Step by Step Programming from Scratch and using all other ML/DL Frameworks
-- Computer Vision and Natural language Processing Complete knowledge

2.Workshops for Machine learning and deep learning

3.Gathering together to identify the problems around us (real time problems)

4.Helping startups for implementing machine learning solutions for their vision

5.We can also play with / integrate ioT(Building AI to ioT)

Lets get started.

This is a part of the group of Deep Math Machine Learning.ai

check it on the web for useful resources below.

Medium : https://medium.com/deep-math-machine-learning-ai

Instragram : https://www.instagram.com/deepmathmachinelearning.ai

If anyone would like to support giving a space for talk and sponsor something please let us know on whatsapp +39 3312729931.

Happy learning.

Upcoming events (1)

Deep Learning Concepts Deeply.

Microsoft Research India (Vigyan)

In this Meetup, we learn the most fundamental yet important concepts in deep learning deeply. All of these concepts are used to build new models and improve the existing ones and every deep learning enthusiast should 100% fully understand these concepts. So the following concepts are discussed. 1. Regularization & Dropout. 2. Normalization (Batch, Instance, Layer, Group). 3. Feature and Attention Maps. 4. Weight sharing and Skip connections. All the concepts have the theory, math and python implementations for deep understanding. This Meetup is especially for the people who are interested in research so I presume that the participant have good understanding of deep learning, (may not have deep). Make sure to bring a notebook and pen (mandatory 😜). RSVP here is not a confirmation for attending this event, a separate mail is sent to the participants before the event as limited seats so priority is given for frequent enthusiasts. Less priority for those who RSVPed before but not shown up. Period. Seeee yooooou Have a good day.

Past events (3)

Image to Image translation (CoGAN & CycleGAN)

Champion InfoMetrics Pvt Ltd

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