What we're about

This group is targeted for married couples, where we want to discuss love and relationships in both aspects of good and bad. There is a life beyond chasing happiness, we will talk about experiences that make us what we are. Love is mystic even after tons of books and stories has been written around it, yet we always discover and rediscover something new when we experience love in our own life. We fall in love, get married, have kids and sometime in the process, we lose hold on the love that got us started. So what we really do when we are in this state?

As we grow older the definition of love evolves and we need to rediscover and readjust as things change over time around us. If we allow our marriage to get cold we could end up losing the meaning of our relationship with our spouse. Love is designed to provide emotional protection for each other to cope with the ups and downs of our existence. It is basic to life, health and happiness. We need emotional attachment with a few irreplaceable others to be physically and mentally healthy. We did not fall in love to produce kids or buy a house or car but get buried into those things and love escapes from our life. And when that happens we need to sit back and think about how we can fall back in love with our spouse once again.

In the modern days, we suffer from loss of social capital what our grandmothers could get from the whole village is not possible in our time anymore, so couples depend on each for similar emotional support but in the busy metropolitan lifestyle and the family chorus we sometimes fail to provide a sustainable emotional support that is required for survival.

This group intends to share our experience and learning and where possible support each other while we go through a bad time or good time. We will build social capital in the process.

The intent is not to create heavy talk shows, rather we will do mixups, outdoor activity, and few other stuff and alongside share our learning and learn from others.

So we intend to create a space for married couples who wanted to invest time to stay happily married. Once you join this group, we will highly recommend you ask your spouse to join the group as well.

P.S: The cover picture represents the art of maintaining equilibrium for a couple.

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#2: Day Trip (Within 50 km from Bangalore)

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#1: Roundtable Meetup Over Dinner

3 Monkeys Brew Pub

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