4 Months AI Bootcamp

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Bangalore Deep Learning Club
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4 months of India's most comprehensive online bootcamp for Artificial Intelligence.

We have designed one of the toughest bootcamp you can take part in India. It has all sorts of assignments and quizes both mathematical and programming you can imagine. The goal of the course is to make you an AI researcher.

Syllabus -http://tiny.cc/etadiz

We are there to help but we expect a lot of effort from you, so only register if you are determined to work hard. We usually will be skipping trivial stuff like installing a particular software in your laptop.

If you are interested in mathematics and want to challenge yourself then this bootcamp is for you. This is an online bootcamp with live lectures. In case if you miss any session then you can see the recorded lecture.

Registration- https://in.explara.com/e/artificial-intelligence-bootcamp

There are 5 early bird tickets. We have already trained more than 50 people in various courses. This time we look forward to work with you.