Distributed System's Meetup - 11th Feb 2017


Happy New Year to all Distributed Computing Geeks. I know it's little late. Well we have a new year gift for you all. A session on explosive cocktail of Generics & lambdas from the JAVA CHAMPION Henri Tremblay. Don't miss your chance to attend a great session from Henri .


• Generics and lambdas from the ground up

Lambdas are sexy. But they are adding complexity. Mixed with generics, it creates a dangerous cocktail.

Together, we will start from the bottom of generics and go straight through lambda inference.

Because you really need to know why it is the way.

You’ll get out with a useful Java developer survival kit.

By :- Henri Tremblay (https://twitter.com/henri_tremblay), Java Champion, Terracotta R&D

Henri Tremblay is Java Champion. He was coding ephemeral games on his VIC-20 before you were born.

He leads EasyMock and Objenesis and contributes to Ehcache open source projects.

He is a recurrent speaker at multiple conferences such as JavaOne, DevoxxFR, USI, Confoo, SoftShake and JUGs

He loves optimization and productivity. In Java and in general. He tries to be useful.

Find out more about him :-




• TEA BREAK - 10 mins

You also have a chance to win exciting goodies(Terracotta\Ehcache t-shirts).

• Go distributed with Terracotta and cache terabytes of data.

We will show how to leverage the features of Ehcache 3 in frameworks like Spring/Hibernate and learn how good caching integration allows for seamless scaling. Scale up is achieved using the open source off heap support. Clustering with Terracotta will be the building ground for scale out and high availability.
Attendees will learn all they need to get going with the Open Source offering and will have insights into the upcoming enterprise features that will be released in the future.

Highlights - Live Demos :)

By :- Abhilash, Terracotta R&D

Works for Terracotta and contributes actively to Ehcache open source projects.

Loves concurrency, functional programming and distributed systems.

• Snacks :- You can also use this occasion to meet and directly talk about your use cases with us and also get to know how you can become part of the open source ecosystem around it.