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Gatsby and Drupal : Match made in heaven?

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The front-end landscape has exploded in the last three years. Today you have various libraries/front end frameworks like React, Angular, VueJS. You have tightly coupled full stack frameworks NEXT, NUXT etc. Of all these options Gatsby finds a sweet spot with its JAM stack approach. JAMstack is “a modern web development architecture based on client-side JavaScript, reusable APIs, and prebuilt Markup.”

In this session we will discuss how we can make use of the JAM stack using Gatsby and Drupal. We will also cover the general questions that are generally not answered in the blogs.

Gatsby is static site generator, so what are the scenarios where I can use Gatsby.
My site has a lot of dynamic content, how do I make it work well with Gatsby.
I have read that Gatsby is based on React, so how can I decide when to use Gatsby and when to use React only front end.
Can I use gatsby to progressive decouple my Drupal website?
How can I configure Gatsby so that most of the configurations are read from the backend and a parity is maintained with current existing website.
What is server side rendering and how can I leverage it with my Gatsby and Drupal set up.
Is gatsby good only for the anonymous user or can I leverage it for authenticated flows as well?
Setting up Oauth on Drupal and leveraging the same for Gatsby.
What is the relationship between jsonapi and graphql.

If you have any questions that I am not able to answer we can explore them together and share our notes.

**About the Speaker** : Gokul N K( has more than eight years experience as a Drupal Technical Architect. He has spoken at various Drupal camps across India. He is currently working as a product lead on, building a suite of tools for learning domain helping people create and share their learning paths. The team is using Gatsby in the project and his talk will be based on his learnings. He generally shares his learnings on