What we're about

As a devops into large infrastructure, there are just too many ways things are shapping up in todays world. This group is to share this info and see what perfectly solves a given problem. With the customization available, we have exactly what is needed, without crude hacks. Lets share this information. This group is all about

1. bare metal provisioning and managing

2. managing smooth os upgrades and platforms upon them

3. CI/CD implementation and tools.

4. Virtualization (docker,rocket,kvm,qemu,xen etc), managers (kubernettes, nova, vagrant etc), schedulers and orchastrators

5. Provisioners (puppet, chef, ansible, salt etc)

6. SDN, Networking

7. Monitoring

8. scripting (python, perl, ruby etc)

Primarily to discuss the new solutions to old and new devops problems. This group is targeted at DevOps managing or wanting to learn how to deploy and manager servers at scale with solutions which are new and have a stable release. IE. CoreOS, Etcd, systemd, konsul, kubernetes. Focus of this group is to focus on how to leverage these tools in the emerging devops problems.

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