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Acceptable languages are Haskell, OCaml, Erlang, F#, F*, Clojure/CL/Scheme, Scala, Purescript, Idris, Agda, Coq. Note languages with just functional constructs do not count. JS or Python is not functional. If your interest is limited to JS, Java or Python and the likes please do not join.

Meetup group for people interested in functional programming in Bangalore. We will not be concentrating on any one particular language. The idea will be that the interested members work on their own time on a functional language of their choice. Then when we meet weekly or bi-weekly discuss or present on a topic of the member's choice in that language.

This will not be hand holding group, the members are expected to work on their own regularly but this is to act as a support system and bring people together with similar interests and share learning and ideas. Online groups already exist but we want to meet on a semi regular basis if not every week. Also locally either the experts are completely busy on their own and the beginners are left to fend for themselves alone, so the group is to bring together the functional programming enthusiasts and meet offline. Note the stress on offline. Existing communities are also either not that active or only focused on a particular language. You also need to specify the language you will choose since you will be working on it and speaking on it as your turn comes to contribute. We don't intend to subvert existing groups but only be more active and meet in real.

Join the telegram group "funprogindia" and "Haskell India Group" (t.me/haskellindia). Twitter handle is "blrfunprog".

Note: Please only join if you are willing to learn and contribute. Inactive members will be removed. Do not RSVP, if you cannot come. People RSVPing and then not showing up will be eventually banned. All meet-ups are free and in the spirit of Open source.

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Monads in Haskell


Discussion on Monads in Haskell. Will also cover Reader and State monads. N.B. Please do not RSVP if you do not intend to come.

Monads Transformers in Haskell


Discussion on Monad Transformers in Haskell.

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Haskell - Software Transactional Memory

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