What we're about

We are busy all the time... cant even stay back and take tuition's to our children, most of the time travelling and cant find somebody who can fix up the cable tv problem, Gas leak, sofa repair, meeting the teacher at the school for some menace our child did and the list goes on & on... when most of the wife's are earning and are entrepreneurs them self's..it is more irritating, in this scenario property buying and selling will be a grate hassle atleast for 3months from the date of blocking of the property it goes on and on, it also brings alot of new meetings with the Buyer/Owner, on the other hand Ego's and Misunderstanding as if we never had this with our spouses...sooo all that we look in this group is share all our Up and Downs we come cross during the transactions of our propertys...this will help all the Owners/Buyers gain more experiences and avoid all non senses. this group is strictly for Owners and Buyers ONLY