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About the Course workshop inspires and informs people, helping them to realize their true hidden potential. The atmosphere in the class is highly stimulating, enlightening and encouraging. classes are friendly and people come to know and respect each other. The facilitator leads participants through a process of self-realization. Participants are asked to increase skills gradually, session by session. Participants are asked to set goals with clarity. The facilitator helps them to reach these goals by encouraging them to build on previous success and to strive for greater accomplishments. Topics Covered anything & everything can be mastered by a Formal, Systematic Training. We will be upgrading you to the next level of growth by training in Stress Management, Fear Management, Mind Management, Confidence building, Positive Mental Attitude, Human Relationships, Memory & Concentration techniques etc. Who should attend anyone who has passion towards to win, to get success in life. Pre-requisites Eager to learn to Earn . Happiness, money and peace What you need to bring Leaning mind Key Takeaways Time Management and working sharper Goal Setting and actualization of goals Stress Management without distress Assertiveness Training – Taking right decisions at the right time Understanding people and human nature Skillfully talking to people Principle of learning more for earning more Improving memory and concentration The dynamics of teamwork Understanding health is wealth Developing passion for your profession The principle of giving ASK – Redefining Attitude Skill and Knowledge Mind dynamics Understanding your limitations and overcoming Conquering stage fear How and when to use brain and heart Without happiness there is no life, without dissatisfaction there is no growth”, therefore the requirement being can we be “Happily dissatisfied”. Yes together we can & we will. When mind is weak, Situation is a problem. When mind is balanced, situation is challenge. but when mind is strong, situation becomes opportunity.. THANKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

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