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Philosophy essentially means the love of wisdom. The path to wisdom starts from questioning, not only in seeking the "right answers" but also in identifying the "right questions". It is towards this spirit of questioning that this meetup is directed. "What is Being?", "What do we Know?", "What is Language?", "What is God?", "What is Human?", "Why question anything at all?", "What is nothingness?", "Why there is anything at all?", and so on are a sample of questions we seek to answer, or say to at least formulate in an appropriate manner. There is no shortcut to this however. It may not be enough to say, "everyone is a philosopher" and what he believes alone is enough. I hope through this meetup we will be able to enthuse each other to read, critically evaluate and formulate "theories", both which lie at hand in the form of literature as well as those that are present in sublime forms of art. I hope this meetup shall provide a space for us critical thinkers to collaborate and learn (or unlearn) from each other.

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