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“Java Day” - November Java User Group Meetup
This is going to be a marathon, be prepared. Important to note :- 1. It’s a free meet-up 2. You must need to RSVP to YES to join the meetup. Talk1: Bridging the divide between architecture and code - Chris Chedgey Abstract: Static diagrams on wikis and white-boards don’t help programmers to understand how the code they’re working on relates to the architecture. This is a huge problem! It is individual lines of code that make or break an architecture, plus the architecture isn’t doing it’s job - guiding the developers. Worse still, in the absence of architectural guidance, invisible structures emerge from thousands of inter-dependent lines of code, become increasingly complex and tangled, and actively fight against development. “Structure101 Workspace” provides a live visualization - right inside the IDE - of detailed code-level dependencies, in the context of the overall architecture, as the code is edited. This talk explains how this can help to rein-in emergent structures and gradually transform them into a cogent, defined architecture that actively helps developers as they toil at the code-face. *Chris Chedgey is co-founder, product designer, and developer at Structure101. Chris has also worked on large military and aerospace systems in Europe and Canada, including the International Space Station. He has spoken at many user groups and conferences including Oredev, JavaOne, JAX, Javaland, 33rd Degree, JFocus, and Devoxx. Talk2: Name : Rahul Raghavan Company: Oracle, Java Platforms Team, Title : Loop Strip Mining optmization in Hotspot C2 compiler Agenda: Loop Strip Mining optmization in Hotspot C2 compiler - a bit of background - Improvement in ‘safepointing’ Time: 30 mins. Prerequisite: These topics can be learn from :- TALK 3: by Nawazish Khan (JCP, open source authorship/contribution: reactivator (author), pumba (contributor) github: nawazish-github): Company: ThoughtWorks Technologies Pvt Ltd, Bangalore Agenda: Deep Dive into Executor Framework - What, When, How - Optimal Configuration - Difference between Vanilla Thread and Exec. - Open JDK implementation - Hystrix (Netflix) as Exec Framework use case. Duration 1 hr - TEA/SNACKS BREAK HANDS-ON 1 :- Name: Vaibhav Choudhary Company: Oracle, Java Platforms Team Type: Hands-on Title : Performance impact with the various flags that has been added from JDK8 and onwards in JDK (some back be even older). Requirement: JDK11, we should have flight recorder working with JDK11. Please check that by double clicking or launching bin/jmc. Agenda: It will take through the various VM argument or features that has been added from JDK8 and onwards like disabling G1GC, Compact String, CompressedOOPs, AOT, CDS, AppCDS, Different JIT Threshold Level, Segmentation CodeCache and many more. Time: 1 hr - LUNCH BREAK TALK 4: Name : Fairoz Matte Company: Oracle, Java Platforms Team/ Sustaining Title : JEP 318: Epsilon: A No-Op Garbage Collector (Experimental) Agenda: Epsilon GC looks and feels like any other OpenJDK GC, enabled with -XX:+UseEpsilonGC. Epsilon GC works by implementing linear allocation in a single contiguous chunk of allocated memory. Time: 40 mins. TALK 5: Presenters : Aniket Kumar , Manish Sharma Topic : API Gateway in microservices. Agenda : *Proxy, reverse proxy . *Different API gateways (APIGEE, Spring gateway , Zuul (Netflix). *Fault tolerance (Hustrix), Service registry (Eureka), Load balancer (Ribbon) *How to design your own gateway. *Service Mesh(if time permits) * Design patterns taking containers in consideration(if time permits). Time : 1 hr

OJ001, Oracle, Valence building, prestige tech park.

OJ001, Oracle, Valence building, prestige tech park. · Bangalore


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    The purpose of this JUG is to provide a forum to share ideas, discuss and to promote Java and JVM. Anybody with an interest in Java & JVM is encouraged to join. We meet once a month. The meetings will include tech talks on various topics related to Java. In addition to the meetings, we plan to have code jams, workshops and bof sessions on a regular basis. Come, connect and collaborate at the BOJUG home page ( & the mailing list ( and be a part of something awesome.

    We are a group of Java JVM developers in Bangalore, engineers (to say the least) we hope to create a thriving Java community in Bangalore. Java being open sourced is easily one of the greatest piece of news in recent memory for us developers. Now, Java will be adopted even more widely than it was. Part of being open source means to build communities. Communities of developers, users, experts and beginners, which are needed for the greater adoption of Java. These communities are the life-line of any open source product, and as users, it is our responsibility to strengthen Java's life-line.


    Ranganath.S: Ranganath is a Functional programming enthusiast, Haskell newbie, codes on JVM with scala and Java on Distributed systems, Machine learning.

    Vaibhav Choudhary: Vaibhav works in Oracle (previously Sun) in Java Platforms Group. He is working in JDK for 10 years. His likes working in JVM, Optimization, GC, JIT

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