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BoJUG meet at Infosys Bangalore campus

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Vaibhav C. and 3 others


Please bring a valid photo ID card and reach the venue 30 minutes before the start time of the session. The security checks take roughly 20-30 minutes. We will be closing registration on Friday so that we can provide names to the security team.

Talk1 (45 mins)

Name : Arvind Kumar G.S
Company : Deloitte
Title : Backend Lead
1. What is messaging
2. Introduction to JMS Api
3. Different messaging concepts
3. Sample implementation using JMS API
4. Comparing different Messaging brokers like Rabbit MQ and Redis
5. Comparison with JMS and Kafka

Talk 2 (30 mins)

Name: Dhoomil Sheta
Company: Infosys
Title: Specialist Programmer (Expert Track)
Agenda: Securing Microservices using Keycloak
1. Monolith vs Microservice
2. Stateful Authentication
3. Stateless Authentication
4. OpenIDC Protocol
5. Introduction to Keycloak
6. Hands-on

Talk 3 ( 30 mins)
Name : Dharamkumar Unadkat
Company : Infosys
Title :Specialist Programmer (Expert Track)
Agenda: Business Rule Management with Drools
1 Introduction to Drools
2 Reasoning with Drool Expert
3 Complex Event Processing with Drool Fusion
4 Providing Rule engine as service
5 Hands-on

Talk 4 (45 mins)

Name: Vaibhav Choudhary
Company: Oracle
Agenda: Runtime Compilers
1. Existing runtime compiler (JIT - C1 and C2)
2. Graal Static Compiler Design
3. Graal runtime compiler design
4. Benchmark and performance
5. Future - What can be expected

Infosys Bldg - B12, Bengaluru Electronics City Phase 1,
Electronic City, Bangalore · Bangalore
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