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Jan Meetup at Informatica - Year’s First Meetup - FULL DAY

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Informatica Business Solutions

Bagmane Tech Park, C V Raman Nagar · Bangalore

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By map, if not, please call at 83103-92922

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Please propose your talk or hands-on in the following template :-

1. Speaker Name :
2. Company :
3. Title :
4. Agenda (Minimum of 4 lines)
5. Time Duration :

We are opening 3 slots right now for the selection. Selection is on voting or can be biased with some other thought.

Format ::-

Talk 1:
1. Name : Vaibhav Choudhary
Company : Oracle (Java Platforms Team)
Title : Impact of important JVM arguments
This session will cover the benefits of important JVM arguments. It will
cover the argument of Runtime, GC, Memory Management and String
related args.
30 percent Talk and 70 percent hands-on.
Time : 45-50 mins.

Talk 2:
1. Speaker Name: Rivu Chakraborty
2. Company: BYJU'S

3. Efficient Async coding with Kotlin Coroutines

4. Agenda- No matter which technology you work on, writing asynchronous code is difficult. Writing asynchronous code doesn't only mean network calls, but it also includes computations, db queries etc. There are several frameworks for implementing concurrency but none of them offer simplicity, they either force you to a particular paradigm or lead you to callback hell.
In this session, we will learn about Kotlin Coroutines, which are now stable, and offers a easy approach to concurrency.

60% slides + 40% code


QUIZ (Write the code)
- 45 mins by Rahul Singh.

TALK 3 :

1. Speaker Name: Ganesh Samarthyam
2. Company: KonfHub / CodeOps
3. Title: Using Refactoring Tools in Practice
4. Agenda (Minimum of 4 lines):

Almost everything can be done using refactoring tools:
* How to get buy-in for refactoring? (use Technical Debt quantification tools)
* How to identify refactoring candidates? (use smell detection tools)
* How to prioritize / identify what to refactor first? (use reports from design analysis tools)
* How do I identify dependencies and evaluate impact of refactoring? (use visulization tools)
* How to I actually perform refactoring? (come on, every damn IDE supports automated refactoring, just learn how to use them!)

Deriving from a rich experience in using tools for refactoring in real-world projects, this talk takes you through a whirl-wind tour of refactoring tools (of course for Java). What's more, this talk includes quick demos of some of these tools so you can see them in action.

5. Time Duration: 1 hour