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The Bangkok Expat Social Drinks Club is a Meetup group that we were searching for but couldn't find. No gimmicks, no exclusions just a bunch of legends that share a common love for a few after work wets & some reasonable chat between friends. I imagine that some of these events may end up going late in to the night but only if the Procecco is fresh and the beers are cold.

It can be quite daunting socializing & putting a circle of friends together when moving to a new city. A little less daunting after 6 or 7 Changs or whiskey sours are involved though. If you're a person that can relate to that sentiment than this is the Meetup for you.

Think after work drinks on a Friday afternoon as soon as it's culturally appropriate. Think of cocktails on a Sunday afternoon. Think of downing a regrettable tequila shooter at the bar at 11pm on Saturday before someone bully's you into going to that club you said you'd never go too.

This is what the Bangkok Expat Social Drinks Club is all about. It's a conduit to social & professional networking. It's drinking until you have a team to call you own in this amazing city.

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The Bangkok Expat & Locals Social Beer Garden BBQ

Lub d Bangkok Siam Hostel

New to Bangkok BBQ and Beers Mingle


Friday New To Bangkok Expat BBQ

Lub d Bangkok Siam Hostel

Friday Night New to Bangkok Drinks

Lub d Bangkok Siam Hostel

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