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The greatest lie that has ever been told to humanity is that we live on a 'rotating-spherical' earth. This lie needs to stop; since now, more than ever, people are beginning to recognize that we are not (intuition, common sense, their own experimentation).

If you're someone who is committed toward being a beacon of truth and exposing the lies that NASA has propagated (heliocentric cosmology), then you should join this meetup. If you are thirsting to be with like-minded, flat-earthers here in Bangkok, then you've found a great place to do so, since we'll be hosting regular events that will help spark a growing community. We do not want to have any debaters join this Meetup. We are not here to debate or argue with those who still cling on to the 'cult of Santa Ball' (as Santos Bonacci so poignantly termed). Our main intention is to upbuild, motivate and create greater awareness about this topic for others.

We hope that this meetup spurs on others in other areas to create similar Meetups in the hopes that we can inform and educate as many people as possible.

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Snack and Chat over Flat Earth YT Videos & Memes

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Hi Everyone, It's nice to see new members join our group. We're having another meetup in May. April will be a busy month for most, due to the holidays, so I plan to skip it. Like last time, we will enjoy some delicious snacks (Home-made hummus and chips) while watching some Flat Earth videos & memes together :) I will disclose my address via a personal message to those who RSVP.

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