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Do you want to practice your language skills and share them with the others? If you speak Thai, English, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese or any other language you are welcome to join and meet a new people share with us over a coffee, a drink or a meal , meeting with a new people over the world all nationality friendly group, and very easy to getting to know the people :)

Oh... Why Us? How Easy? have you Ever get this problem i not a good person to talk with a stranger? so do i? ;; This Group we have a big Name Tag and private section for our meeting , so, everyone will getting to know each other very easily by simple way. cuz we have the name tag and the languages that you can speak, already, so Let start with us!

We meet at coffee shops, bars and restaurant where we spend a couple of hours chatting in any language, and we often go to have dinner together and you are free to chose if you want to join (we strongly suggest to come, we always have a great time together ;)

It is the best, most fun way to learn and make new friends at the same time. Many of us stay in touch with someone they met at the meetup and then met individually during the week to practice more on a one-on-one. You can take that opportunity too if you wish.

We are waiting for you!


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Le'ts Hangout in Thonglo on 22 Aug from 7PM-10PM BTS Tonglor (Exit 3).

Dear all! Introducing the new venue, TT Rooftop Bar, just a few steps away from BTS Tonglor (Exit 3). The bar is located on the top of the building where you can enjoy the view and the trains passing by. This cozy rooftop will be a very good location for all of us to enjoy the night. In Thai - DO NOT COPY TO GOOGLE TRANSLOTOR haha! ถามว่ากรุ๊ปนี้มีดีอะไร? อยากจะบอกเพื่อนๆว่า ผมเป็น คนไทย ที่จัด ทำ Meetup นี้ขึ้นมาครับ จัดแบบไทยๆ บ้านๆ...ผมเข้าใจว่าคยไทยติดปัญหาอะไร?แล้ววัฒนธรรมของเราเป็นอย่างไร ดังนั้น เพื่อนๆคนไทย ไม่ต้องกลัวครับ Meetup นี้จัดขึ้นแบบเป็นพี่เป็นน้องกัน ไปเที่ยวด้วยกัน เป็นเพื่อนกัน จริงๆ! ดังนั้น ไม่ต้องกลัวครับ เดินเข้ามา หรือหากมีปัญหา ติดปัญหาอะไร คุยกับผมได้ตลอดนะคับ ผมไม่ กัดแน่นอนจ่ะ How to get there to this place Take BTS to Thonglo station take exit 3 Start : - 7.00PM - 10.00PM Dress Code : Colors Entry fee :- 7.00PM- 7.30PM 200 , after 300 THB include one welcome drink! They offer: Stay cool indoor and outdoor Note: Please return the name tag before you leave. Please make RSVP Tao,

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We Back!@ AirSpace Groove Central world 2nd floors

Air Space Bangkok Groove 2nd Balcony is our Space!

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