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Lots of people choose (or aspire to) a vegan diet for many reasons. Whether it is for health, the environment or for the animals, you are welcome here now matter if you are vegan, vegetarian or veg-curious.

At our Meet-Up, join us as we meet to connect with others who are also interested in these topics. Whether it is a dinner out, a movie or a discussion group we are sure there will be something of interest for you.

You are welcome to request membership here, if you live in Bangkok, or spend large amounts of time here. The events we run are often limited due to space restriction and we want to make sure events are open for those who are serious and interested in being a regular event-goer.

Here is some information about our group you need to know.

Members Policies & Terms and Conditions

To join the Vegan Meet-up, you need to request to join. You must fully complete all the registration questions. You must reply to this email that you agree to our policies, terms & conditions and then one of the organisers will accept you within a few days.

All members must keep their email current on the meetup site.

In “account settings” under “email and notifications” you agree to check both boxes under “organizer broadcasts”. This means you will get emails that are personally sent from an organizer. It does not mean you will get all the regular meetup notifications.

If you fail to log in to the meetup site for a year, you will be deleted from the site. Please don’t take it personally. We are just trying to minimise email. It helps keep us all sane.

Advertising at our meetup events is not permitted unless you are a sponsor. Sponsorship costs 3,600 THB per year. Sponsors may provide advertising materials and have a few words with the meetup group at the start of the event. Your company’s logo will appear on the meetup homepage as well! We ask that you do not inadvertently promote your business at meetup events. We appreciate your understanding.

At some events we may charge an administrative fee of 50THB per person. This helps to cover expenses of the meetup website and other miscellaneous expenses.

If you fail to attend an event that you have signed up for, this will be noted as a no show. If you fail to attend twice, you will be removed from the meetup group. Events require significant advanced planning, are limited in number of people that can attend and often require prepaid set menus and reserved rooms or tables. This helps us keep the spots open for people who really want to attend.

A no show is not showing up for an event or cancelling your RSVP within 24 hours of an event.

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