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The aim of Bangles is to be a social group for women in their 20’s, 30’s and 40's, who don’t have
children by choice or otherwise, and are happily in either a long term relationship or married.

If this sounds like you and you’re down-to-earth, fun, friendly, honest, reliable and always up for a
laugh, then join our events now, we need you!

We aim to hold varied events across Brisbane, such as; breakfasts, movies, weekend markets,
BBQ’s with partners, dinners, lunches and more!

Please take the time to read our group terms below before attending an event. 


Please RSVP because we make bookings and arrangements for each event.

The booking will be under our name "Bangles" or the organiser's name.

For events that require payment on the day, make sure that you have change, and small notes
help. No Credit Cards, as usually it is one bill per table.


Please ensure that you turn up to a meeting when you have RSVP YES.

When our events get booked out and you don't turn up you are depriving somebody else of a

If you fail to turn-up 3 times with no explanation, your membership may be revoked, subject to the
Organisers discretion.

Photos may be taken at the event and they may be posted onto the group page. Please let us
know if you do not want your picture taken.

If you’re wanting to expand your business base and or sell anything from a pyramid scheme
business, please respect our group and join the appropriate group elsewhere.

Our group aims to provide a social setting for women without children. Our members may have
made the choice to not have children, they may have had difficult experiences in having children,
are unable to have children or some may not have reached that stage in life yet. Our group
embraces women of all these circumstances and asks our members to be mindful of this when
attending events. 

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