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Our beginnings were around January 2013 on Meetup and slowly formed a small group of like minded Melbournites getting together on Thursdays to raid a different hidden bar every week - no repeats!

We still to this day keep that tradition going, but we are not such a small group these days and we have evolved to be about even more than just raiding bars...

Raiders of the Lost Bars are an events team focused towards creating experiences tuned towards meeting and connecting with others through interactive events, theme parties, and exploration of Melbourne's most interesting night spots.

From the rooftops to the basements, the extravagant to the dirty dives, from the spacious to small intimate places for a quiet drink all often within a short walk away from each other, we will find them all! With over 300 bars and night spots in the city and 100's more around the inner suburbs, there is no shortage of venues to enjoy.

We also enjoy putting on theme parties around once a month, best known for our Halloween party, College Party and UV Full moon party.. And these are huge and only getting bigger as we gain more and more support from the best party people in Melbourne.

Primarily we are about meeting new people, we love the Melbourne bar scene and we want to scout every street, laneway & alley in the CBD and the surrounding inner suburbs in search of the coolest bars around! In the process meet a variety of friendly bar enthusiasts, from backpackers, to corporate professionals, to people new in town and of course, the party people of Melbourne!

Pfft! No way! It's a "Bar exploration club"! Couples, singles, lgbt, anyone is welcome and accepted. Yes there are many single people that attend, but it's the same as anywhere you go in Melbourne's great nightlife. We are just out to socialise and see new places.

ARE YOUR EVENTS ABOUT GETTING WASTED AND DRUNK?This is a common misconception, we encourage responsible alcohol consumption. There are many people that limit themselves to only one drink and a couple of regulars who don't drink at all, we are not about getting smashed, wasted, shitfaced, intoxicated or anything else of that nature. As already mentioned, we are about meeting new people and exploring new bars. Drinking beyond your means is not condoned.

Yes! That is what most people do and it is what we encourage! because if you come with friends, you are just going to talk to your friends all night and that's no fun! If you feel you need a bit of moral support from friends though we also understand and that's totally cool! We have been doing this for over a year now and we know how to make you all feel welcome, we have more than 10 hosts who are there to help welcome you to the group.

We provide members with precise instructions on how to get to the venue and exactly how to touch base with your friendly neighbourhood EVENT HOST! Once you have made contact with the host they will give you a complete rundown on everything you need to know, they will also introduce you around to some other friendly members.
Expect to see many smiles, and great conversation. Normally we have some mad drink specials organised with the venues that apply just to our members.

If, at any time, you feel a little lost or shy at an event, please come and find the host! Your hosts will introduce you to people or you can just stick around and have a drink with the organisers. We want this to be a positive social experience for everyone and make sure we cater for shy-types as well as social butterflies.

I would say, If you are still not convinced, but your still reading this, then you are probably in two minds weather this is for you or not. Well the beauty of our events are you can leave at any time you like... If you only come for 5 minutes to suss it out THAT'S OK! :-) Many people come to Raiders to kick off their night before later meeting with their own friends.. THAT'S COOL TOO! We don't have any rules, it's pretty easy going.

We used to allow anyone to join, however, generally most members that attend are between 25 and 35 which is the best fit for this group. Our age cut of age is now 39. We surveyed 1,200 members when they signed up and the results confirmed that the 25 to 35 rain supreme when it comes to raiding Melbourne's awesome bars. There are some regulars who are outside that age bracket who fit in really well, so don't let the age factor scare you off. Choose the events that suit you. Try the group out first then decide if you like it! Whether you're new to Melbourne, or just don't know many bars this group is a must! Some of the bars we will show you will blow your mind!


I recommend looking through our upcoming events and finding our next newbies night (runs every two months) this is a very popular event with our new comers!

Signing up is FREE, easy and well worth it!

0400 783 836

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Thursday Drinks @ Millhouse

The Mill House

Anyone who braved this basement in its last incarnation, the Liberty Social, will recall a dark, debauched music venue, the kind of club where you might pick something up if you lingered too long. As the Mill House, the subterranean enclave in Tomasetti House couldn’t be more different. The down-and-dirty band room is gone and the milk crates have been kicked to the curb. Industrial pendant lights bring a warm, honeyed glow to the windowless space, the wood-panelled bar is lined with comfy leather stools, and curvaceous booths beckon for extended drinking sessions. Not all the rough edges have been polished up. Painted bricks, raw concrete and hunks of bluestone add rugged charm, there’s a DJ booth to the rear of the room, and the bathrooms are wallpapered with vintage nudie pics, all gently implying that the Mill House is ready to party. Try the Freedom Blueberry Rye served on the rocks, or shoot back the charry Ole Smoky Harley Davidson version. Care is taken when crafting the cocktails, with ice hand-crushed to order for the Miss American Pie. A crowd-pleasing blend of Apple Pie Moonshine, Fireball Whisky, lemon and apple juice, it’s sweet, tart and fragrant with cinnamon. If you’re here for the long haul, zero in on the summery jugs of sangria, or tap into the 20-strong beer list, including Feral Hop Hog, Hawthorn Pilsner and two-litre Young Henrys Growlers. The kitchen dishes out American-accented snacks and mains, such as burgers, fried chicken ribs and golden, molten-centred corn croquettes. Extended Happy Hour for Raiders 6-8pm (normally finishes at 6pm) $7.50 pints of Boags $6.50 basic spirits $5.50 house wines Grab a wristband on arrival!

Thursday drinks at Whitehart


The white hart has always been a creature of myth and legend. The ancient Celts saw it as a harbinger of doom. The French believed that to harm a white hart meant to be eternally cursed with the pain of unrequited love. The Scots saw it as a symbol of purity, redemption and good fortune. But you don't have to worry about any of that because in Melbourne, it means only one thing - an all encompassing gathering space with great music, the finest craft beers and cocktails, boutique wines, great food and a kaleidoscopic visual feast of projections and graffiti. Located in the heart of the city in a converted car park at the end of Whitehart Lane is a unique green zone with an industrial edge – a place to party, or just relax and talk at the end of the day. Come and raid this place with us!

Thursday @ Collins Quarter

Collins Quarter

The façade of a 19th century Victorian terrace on Collins Street hides the entrance to the ultra-modern Collins Quarter; a bar and restaurant cloaked in old world charm. With a bar for every occasion and function room upstairs you’re spoilt for choice at this luxurious venue. There’s even a central courtyard featuring a magnolia tree. Head upstairs for cocktail hour or try the gastropub menu in the restaurant. Entering from Collins Street, you’ll be immediately seduced by the sophisticated European elegance of Doc Martin’s aperitif and digestif bar. From there the rest of the venue unfolds, revealing Colin’s Pub, A Quarter Past – private dining, The Magnolia Courtyard, Blind Alley Bar and Ra Cigar and Cocktail Lounge. Drink / food specials: $5 post / $10 pints of Mountain Goat Lager $8 shots / nips of Montenegro Discounts on assorted bar snack items

Thursday @ The Workshop

The Workshop

We can not call ourselves serious Bar Raiders if we don't go and check out this little gem.. One of the more suggested bars on our list to explore! Situated in the market-end of the CBD above a shop, up a heavily graffittied staircase. The motorcycle-workshop-turned bar has retained a good deal of its industrial character and a nicely ruinous feel. It seems to cater for a larger variety of types than most bars in the area. Whether you're a student, a suit or a struggling artist - you'll fit in fine at Workshop. The Workshop Bar has forged it’s own unique position in Melbourne’s vibrant and bustling bar and café culture. Whether it’s to catch up with friends over a coffee or to enjoy a few beers or ciders on the chilled sun deck, Workshop offers a fantastic place to socialize. Offering a unique gallery area, cheaper than average drink prices and a great vibe. Drink specials: $5 schooners of Young Henrys until 7:00 $12 frozen cocktail special

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Friday Night Drinks @ The Wharf Hotel

The WHARF HOTEL (Next door to Crowne Plaza hotel, opposite Melbourne Exhibition Centre)

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