• Thursday @ Storyville


    Step right up and turn the page, choose your own adventure. But beware…this fairytale is not for the faint of heart. For once you have passed through the gateways of StoryVille, you have fallen down the rabbit hole, discovered the lion through the wardrobe, and wandered along the pathways of the enchanted forest. StoryVille is themed around the childhood fables and fairytales that we all know and love; all encompassed in a venue that ignites the imagination. Here your favourite stories come to life; through whimsical and unique interior design and our colourful cocktail menu, featuring James’ giant peach and even edible insects. With cocktail in hand, and music from Melbourne’s best DJs and entertainers, you’ll dance through a door to find yourself in another world. Take the dark or light roads, let your soul unwind and unleash your inner mythical being in a place where anything is possible.

  • Thursday @ Emerald Peacock

    The Emerald Peacock

    Located in the middle of the CBD, The Emerald Peacock is an elaborate and spacious nest of three parts. Consisting of a cocktail bar, lounge, and rooftop bar – each with their own distinct ambience – The Emerald Peacock is a bit of an all-round crowd pleaser, particularly with the city after-work set. Upon entering the nest, you are engaged into an ambience that is unlike any other - retro, eclectic, vintage, decadent, striking, bold, intimate and unique - a real chameleon! The Emerald Peacock provides a true cocktail experience, with well loved classics and ingenious twists and creations. The bar also offers a great selection of beers and wines. If you start to feel peckish the wood fired pizzas or tapas selection will hit the spot - and allow you to keep working your way through the killer cocktail list. It's all about priorities. Popular with over 25s and largely after-work types, the crowd is savvy, loyal and friendly, generally having found the peacock through recommendation rather than walk-ins. Free snacks for early arrivals!

  • Thursday drinks at Trinket - NEW VENUE


    Escape the modern world as you step into the eclectic cocktail lounge adorned with gold gilded delights. If you're after adventure, step through the wardrobe and down a narrow staircase, leading to a hidden cellar bar to surprise and delight. Unclasp the latch that seals the lid to the heirloom jewellery box and sneak a peek at the sparkle, glamour and old world vintage charm that can only be found at Trinket.

  • Friday Night Drinks @ The Wharf Hotel

    The WHARF HOTEL (Next door to Crowne Plaza hotel, opposite Melbourne Exhibition Centre)

    Located within Melbourne’s World Trade Centre complex, The Wharf Hotel is a standout new bar and dining venue contoured by eye-catching red steel framework. This contemporary pub-style spot is the watering hole of choice over the summer months for the nearby after-work crowd. The Wharf Hotel’s modern indoor space sprawls out onto the adjacent riverside promenade, anchored with white canvas umbrellas perfectly situated for a good dose of people-watching. Floor-to-ceiling glass windows offer sensational views from the Side Bar to the Yarra River, while an intimate, secluded atmosphere can be found in the Back Room. Throughout, both friends and colleagues will be invigorated by the ever animated goings on of the harbour in a fresh, stylish setting. Happy Hour 5-7pm $10 Cocktails $7 selected beers $7 gls of selected wines

  • Thursday Drinks @ Millhouse

    The Mill House

    Anyone who braved this basement in its last incarnation, the Liberty Social, will recall a dark, debauched music venue, the kind of club where you might pick something up if you lingered too long. As the Mill House, the subterranean enclave in Tomasetti House couldn’t be more different. The down-and-dirty band room is gone and the milk crates have been kicked to the curb. Industrial pendant lights bring a warm, honeyed glow to the windowless space, the wood-panelled bar is lined with comfy leather stools, and curvaceous booths beckon for extended drinking sessions. Not all the rough edges have been polished up. Painted bricks, raw concrete and hunks of bluestone add rugged charm, there’s a DJ booth to the rear of the room, and the bathrooms are wallpapered with vintage nudie pics, all gently implying that the Mill House is ready to party. Try the Freedom Blueberry Rye served on the rocks, or shoot back the charry Ole Smoky Harley Davidson version. Care is taken when crafting the cocktails, with ice hand-crushed to order for the Miss American Pie. A crowd-pleasing blend of Apple Pie Moonshine, Fireball Whisky, lemon and apple juice, it’s sweet, tart and fragrant with cinnamon. If you’re here for the long haul, zero in on the summery jugs of sangria, or tap into the 20-strong beer list, including Feral Hop Hog, Hawthorn Pilsner and two-litre Young Henrys Growlers. The kitchen dishes out American-accented snacks and mains, such as burgers, fried chicken ribs and golden, molten-centred corn croquettes. Extended Happy Hour for Raiders 6-8pm (normally finishes at 6pm) $7.50 pints of Boags $6.50 basic spirits $5.50 house wines Grab a wristband on arrival!