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Get ready to do something cool! Welcome to the inauguration of AlphaBeers. A premier learning, hangout, idea-sharing, and networking event hosted every month by us, Alpha. We’re the innovation facility based here in Barcelona, powered by Telefónica. The world is facing a range of huge challenges. We cannot solve these challenges alone – we need to collaborate and harness the potential of creativity and technology, embracing experimentation and acceptance of failure. We need to innovate differently. Our mission is to find Moonshot size ideas to solve these challenges. Do you want to be part of it?

This month we will have some premium content coming from the Brains behind our organization:

Pablo Rodríguez: The CEO of Alpha will be taking you on an exponential journey of the Moonshot mentality and what we’re doing, and what you can do too, to make a difference.

Maurice Conti: CIO of Alpha will be guiding you through the maze of finding Moonshots. Whats needed to find ideas that may become Moonshots? How does Maurice and his team approach this task?

Oliver Harrison: The lead and beautiful mind behind our health Moonshot at Alpha. He’ll explore with you some of the latest thinking in behavioural economics, neuroscience and data science which are giving us new insights and investigations into the human Brain and what’s becoming possible. What will our brains look like in the future, what will humans be like?

The talks will be short and sweet! The purpose is to come and hang out and have some free beers. Meet us, meet other interested members of the community and create great stuff together. We’re always open, are you going to take the next step in changing the World?

We’ll be here waiting.

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