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Have a quick look of what was our first event (https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/barcelona-cityai-winter-applied-ai-event-juan-luis-rosa-ramos/) and second (https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/barcelona-cityai-second-event-juan-luis-rosa-ramos/) one

Barcelona Artificial Intelligence is a community of likeminded movers and shakers in the local AI space, and it is part of a global movement. We want to share experiences and knowledge with amazing talks and interesting clinic sessions. Join us!

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Bcn City AI #3: NLP, AI in Startups and AI for Good

Spaces - Barcelona, 22 Arroba

Barcelona City AI third event for applied artificial intelligence calls for the upcoming AI event at Spaces22@ in Poble Nou on Thursday 27th of May at 18:30. After two events related to computer vision we're moving to talks around Natural language processing (NLP) Our speakers are NLP practitioners that use their talent to enhance health treatments, to tackle social media harassment or detecting hate speech. They do the good so they deserve to be known. Snacks&drinks will be offered by Spain AI, thank you Nestor! PEER TALKS #3 1. Arnault Gombert from IOMED Medical Solutions is going to be our first data science speaker. He will share us technical tips and tricks around word embeddings. He learned this issues applying NLP and data mining to medical records, medical notes or scientific publications. 2. Daniyal Shahrokhian an AI engineer that recently moved to the city with experience in CV, DeepLearning and recently NLP (yes, with Bert). He is going to deliver a talk around a unique topic: producing AI for startups: the good, the bad and the ugly he gathered experience on this working on prototypes, consultancy and products for startups. By the way, do you remember our second event quote? "from 2,830 European companies that claim to make use of AI 40% of them are not using any machine learning" * is something similar happening in startups? We will see... Q&A #3 AI FOR GOOD After two sessions devoted to ethics let's move to the practical aspect. Yolanda Lannquist, Senior AI Policy Researcher at The Future Society, is going to deliver us the main topics and conclusions that were learned from assisting (as a speaker) to the AI for Good Global Summit THE leading United Nations platform for global and inclusive dialogue on AI. After that, she will host the conversation with two practitioners that use NLP to do the good: - Daniyal who is working in tackling Social manipulation - Harry Wilson, Chief Product Officer from Citibeats, a Barcelona-based NLP platform that provides solutions for fighting hate speech, responding to natural disasters, and protecting consumers, for organisations such as United Nations or Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores, MasterCard Center for Inclusive Growth. After this talks we can share some drinks&snacks and prepare the next event that will occur after summer. *MMC Ventures, an investment firm in London, looked at 2,830 European companies that claim to make use of AI. It found that a whopping 40% of them are not using any machine learning. In Barcelona CityAI we can guarantee that our speakers are 100% real AI practitioners

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