"Macro-microscopy: dancing molecules, Lego & fruit flies" [Pint of Science, EN]


How can scientists visualise small objects in biology? Different approaches are essential to look at objects which are different sizes or have different dynamics. Join us to learn how Lego can be used to build a simple yet powerful microscope to study cells and developmental biology (and have a go yourself!), and learn about how we can use computers to model real-life interactions between ‘dancing’ molecules in drug design.

Talks: 1) "A smart LEGO microscope for Biomedicine" - Julien Colombelli (IRB Barcelona) , and 2) Rotating molecules in a computer - Francesco Colizzi (IRB Barcelona)

Full details: http://pintofscience.es/event/macro-microscopy-dancing-with-molecules-lego-fruit-flies


Pint of Science is back! Featuring 84 different talks in 14 bars, this massive 3-night international festival is so much fun, and a great opportunity to learn something new, meet local researchers, and ask questions in the informal setting of a bar.

There are LOADS of different talks on each night, so check out the full list on the website: https://pintofscience.es/events/barcelona

Barcelona Fun Science is working with the festival organisers this year to arrange some of the talks in English:

- Monday 20 May - "Macro-microscopy: dancing with molecules, Lego & fruit flies"

- Tuesday 21 May - "Supercomputing: blockchain and freedom in a sustainable world" [See separate Meetup event for more info].

- Wednesday 22 May - "Human Gene Editing - To Infinity and Beyond!" [See separate Meetup event for more info].

There is also a whole program of amazing-sounding talks across all of the bars in Catalan and Spanish as well, which you can see on the website: https://pintofscience.es/events/barcelona

We look forward to seeing you there,



About 'Pint of Science': The Pint of Science festival aims to offer interesting, funny, important talks on the latest scientific research in a format accessible to the public . And all in a bar! We want to offer a platform that allows people to discuss the investigation with people who carry out. It is a non-profit organization, run by volunteers, and that was created by a community of graduate and postdoctoral researchers in 2012. The festival is held annually for three days simultaneously in bars around the world. http://pintofscience.es/