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Barcelona Istio Meetup
Barcelona Istio Meetup
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Welcome to the very first Istio BCN meetup!

It's been a while since the meetup group existed but no event happened so far. We're gonna fix that with the first Istio meetup in Barcelona where we'll have two talks and some time for networking and beers:

"Protecting your data with a Service Mesh", by Ignasi Barrera
In this talk, we will introduce the main concepts of a service mesh, and how some of those ideas can be used to break the dependency between L7 and L4 that still exists in most micro-service and cloud applications. We will see a practical demo on how we can leverage the runtime identity to protect access to data in a novel way, and how a service mesh can help with data compliance use cases such as GDPR.

"Observability in Action: troubleshooting the service mesh with Kiali", by Xavier Canal
In this session, we will troubleshoot a demo application deployed on an Istio Service Mesh. Metrics, distributed tracing, and logging, as the three pillars of observability, will be the protagonists that will allow us to understand the root cause of odd behavior in that application demo.

It's gonna be fun! See you there!