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Barcelona.JS is a usergroup focused on JavaScript and related topics.

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BarcelonaJS December

Avinguda Diagonal, 123

Hello everyone! Join us for December's meetup which will be held in Veriff's office. We will have the following talks:

Don't Forget React Memo

by Christina Landvytovych - @croftyland
Front-End Engineer at Softserve

React developers intrigue us with the so-called React Forget compiler [that’s supposed to inject useMemo and useCallback into code automatically]. However, we still can't figure out best practices for useCallback, useMemo, and React.memo when we write it on our own. The worst scenario is if we continue to put it everywhere without understanding. As a result, it can bring noticeable harm to the performance of our application. In this talk, on real-life use cases, you will see solutions to the problem of using hooks wrong or overusing them!


Alice’s Adventures in Memoryland or how memory is managed in JavaScript

by Kateryna Porshnieva - @krambertech
Front-End & Developer Productivity at Veriff

Eventually, the code we write becomes a bunch of 0s and 1s, and one day I went down the rabbit hole trying to understand how exactly that happens. Through JavaScript engine, heap, stack, garbage collection, references, memory addresses, and so on. I found this really fascinating, so I want to share it with you in this visualised guide to memory management in JavaScript.


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