Modern Easy IoT with Docker &


Now sold out! We're very likely to do another edition in a few months though, so if you didn't get a ticket, watch this space.


ATTENTION: this is a paid workshop. The 10€ ticket covers all the hardware for the workshop. All attendees will get a Raspberry Pi 3, Sense HAT, SD card, etc and they will be able to keep them afterward.

If you want to join purchase your ticket here:

Are you curious about how IoT development works? Or are you already an experienced hardware hacker, looking to take your skills to the next level?

In this workshop you will learn how to build IoT devices using powerful modern development tools, that will be familiar to anybody comfortable with modern web or cloud development. We'll use Docker and to write, build & deploy software for real Raspberry Pis to control LEDs, take input, read from sensors, and more. We'll start with a JavaScript demo to get things going, and then from there you can use any language you like (though JS & Python have the best support for the attached hardware).

For this workshop you will be using a Raspberry Pi 3, with a Sense HAT. As an attendee, you will receive all the hardware required for the workshop, to use in the workshop and to keep for yourself afterwards, so you can continue with your projects later.