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BarcelonaJS February 2019

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We'll kick off the year one month later with our February meetup which will be held in Typeform's office.

Paqui Calabria — @Zurribulle
I’m a self-taught frontend developer, with more than five years of experience. I am very concerned about diversity on tech, which is the reason I joined AdaJs. In case you want to hate me, I prefer Cruzcampo over Estrella.

It('should be easy'): automated testing in the real world

TDD, BDD, code coverage, karma, jest, chai... the world of automated testing is full of tools, frameworks, and philosophies, but maybe we cannot see the wood for the trees. What’s the point of testing in development? Is it really worth it the time invested? How can you write useful tests? Tips and good practices for daily life.


Carlos Villuendas - @carlosvillu
Lead Frontend Architect @ Schibsted Spain

A framework-independent, decoupled frontend architecture for large-scale projects

Some of the top challenges in current frontend architecture are to allow for quick and efficient development and to be able to compete with native applications. In this talk, I will present a new model which, using a component-oriented design, addresses these issues.

The basic tenets of this model could be summarized as follows:
(1) keep the business logic independent from the app;
(2) develop isolated components; and
(3) implement an overarching server that orchestrates and gives coherence to your project.

Through the practical example of (Schibsted Spain), a website with more than 10 million users, I will show how this type of architecture provides several benefits.

First, there is an overall improvement in DX: development becomes faster and more focused. Second, being independent of the framework, migrating to a new library is much less costly than in other setups. Also, on the business side, iterations become considerably faster as well. Finally, the architecture sets the basis for a shell-app which, in turn, may constitute the foundation of a PWA—our best bet to compete with native apps. In short, a framework-independent, decoupled frontend architecture offers a highly solid option for projects with high traffic volumes.


After the talks, we'll have drinks and networking!

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