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Tudor Barbu - @motanelu

Finding the sassy in ScSS:

sassy /ˈsasi/ adjective (informal): lively, bold, and full of spirit; cheeky

SaSS' scss syntax stands for Sassy CSS and I always thought that's a bit much for something I perceived to be nothing more than glorified sed. Until the right problem came along and made me realize that SaSS is actually very Sassy!
Bonus feature: learn how scss code can be plugged into mocha and unit tested :)


Kiko Ruiz Lloret (GitHub: @kikoruiz / Twitter: @kikoruizlloret)

I'm a frontend developer based on Barcelona, but born in Alicante, where I started to play with things like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript more than ten years ago. Right now I'm working as frontend enabler in (Adevinta, formerly Schibsted Spain). Father of one. Love doing photography and running but not much as sharing my free time with my family.

Custom Properties: Long Live CSS!

More and more, CSS can do new things natively, maybe some things that we started to do with some CSS preprocessor. That's not bad, but things have changed and we should take the chance of the new CSS improvements like Custom Properties. My aim in this talk is to review a new CSS architecture prototype we'll implement in some of our sites, such as Fotocasa, MilAnuncios, InfoJobs or


After the talks, we'll have drinks, beers, and networking!

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