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Hi devs !!!

We are glad to present our next event by Wlodek Krakowski [] about Refactoring . This very well know speaker and trainer will share with us his knowledge about this very interesting topic.

Everyone has heard about test pyramid... and refactoring pyramid is its twin. UsingPyramid of testing we can set up the tests coverage of the existing functionality reaching given level (UI, modules, packages, classes, methods). This allows us to have a look at corresponding pyramid of refactoring and figure out what kind of refactorings can be performed safely. We start from the bottom of refactoring pyramid (simpler onditions,
smaller methods) and climb up towards the highest level that is covered by tests.
This concept will be presented using live refactoring of simple logic into interpreter design patterns. This way we will experience that refactoring at higher levels (design patterns, classes) can be continued only once lower levels like small methods, small classes, interfaces are being taken care of.

The goal of the talk is to inspire people to think and discuss about issues with code quality and struggles with technical debt. These thoughts should raise more thoughts about this subject in teams you work in.

Hope we meet there in this great and unique event.